Wedding details… a touch of creativity.

So this week marks our 3 year wedding anniversary. I honestly can’t believe its been 3 years, I’m pretty sure I only just blinked. That said, we’ve added two merry men to the band and life has been pretty busy so I certainly haven’t slept the time away. What I love doing at this time of year, is going through all of our wedding photos…yes…all 1,200 of them! As you probably have guessed, I have a thing for photographs. I love photographs that tell a story and I feel our wedding photographs land me right back into different moments of our wedding day.GA-13


Each bride brings her own style, creativity and flare to her wedding and Im going to share some of the creative elements that I brought to my special day. Basically…anything I made myself. I had an idea of how certain things would look in my head and so in some cases it was easier just to give them a go myself. I know I was constantly looking for wedding inspiration (and became a serious pinterest addict) so I’m keen to share my creative DIY hints.  First off, I need to credit our amazing photographer, Shane O’ Sullivan and his wife Adele (Sosoc photography) with the beautiful photographs I’m including in these posts.



All I’m going to say is that if you’re going to be stitching your invitations ( yes, stitching) leave yourself with a lot of time and don’t tell your husband to be. Not a word, ya hear??!! That’s the kind of thing that could make you or break you as a couple, especially if your creative ideas start to grow arms, legs and a tail. There’s a lot to be said for an amazing team of friends who bring Pritt Stik and help you out last minute! I’m forever in their debt!


Pocket squares and Bow ties

I was pretty fussy about the colour pink I had chosen so trying to match certain things up, like the bow ties was a problem. I did find the right shade of fabric though and decided to look up a youtube video on how to make bow ties….the week of the wedding. I know, I know as if there isn’t enough to do! To be honest it was pretty straight forward and they looked fierce snazzy, even if it did take a little convincing getting our 4 year old son to wear something pink. 2 pocket squares and 5 matching bow ties, including one for Bob, the very important teddy bear, who was also part of our bridal party.





Indian lace cuff

Finding accessories to go with my dress was a challenge. The dress which was designed and made by Caroline Matthews of Caroline Atelier, was trimmed with a muted, antique gold Indian lace.   In the end, I made a simple cuff using the same lace trim from my dress. Clasps and pearls were literally the only things i added. I still love my cuff and wear it from time to time.



Pink pearl swarovski bracelet

My mom had been on holidays just before the wedding and brought me back a beautiful pink pearl which I was dying to incorporate into my wedding accessories. I had hundreds of pearls and some Swarovski beads in a box so I put together a fairly simple bracelet and managed to include the pink pearl. It was ridiculously simple and something I still wear!


Boho style pearl headpiece

This was one of those things that I had a clear picture of in my head, but couldn’t find exactly what I wanted, so again I said I’d give it a go. I used the same pearls and beads as I did in the bracelet and also incorporated a small amount of indian lace. Took a while to make but not as long as sewing the invitations!  (WHAT was I thinking like!!)



Silk tulle veil

My veil was very simple, it was ivory silk tulle.  I didn’t want any lace trim so it was very simple to make. I highly recommend silk tulle veils, the quality of the fabric and the way it falls is to die for! If you’re into veils I suppose!



Something Old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.

So…leaving anything that can be done beforehand, until the morning of your wedding is NOT a good idea. At all, at all, at all! I had planned to sew a brooch and a blue earring (belonging to my grandmother) to my bridal bouquet but I totally forgot about them until the morning of the wedding.  Luckily my fabulous hairstylist (Aisling Kelleher of Polkadotdreaming weddings) is a woman of many talents and offered to sew them on for me once she had finished doing all the updos…seriously like…what a woman! It’s a nice way to incorporate a piece of jewellery that may have sentimental value into your wedding accessories. My beautiful flowers, which I still get weakness over, were by Flowers and Netty.



Ring Cushion

Some of the bow tie fabric and some hessian stitched in a square…there’s not a whole load more to say about it!!


Table Plan

We kept the theme from our invitations and mass booklet when designing the table plan. My dad very kindly made me a frame which I sprayed gold and I hung each table list on gold wire with wooden pegs. Simple but effective. The actual sorting of the table plan is much trickier and time consuming!


Table decoration

Peonies, peonies, peonies! I’m a little obsessed and I don’t think thats ever about to fade! I just put together some jars with peonies and fresh flowers the night before. The tables in Ballinacurra House are already beautifully decorated with candelabras so they didn’t need much more to enhance them.


And thats it! I really enjoyed doing a little DIY for my wedding and some pieces I will treasure forever. Other things, like the invitations, will always give me a sense of panic because I did them so last minute. That said though, I really enjoyed the evening we had putting them together with friends. The important thing is that they were sent out and people received them…stitching or no stitching!!  Hopefully this may be inspiration for some bride to be out there! I loved every second of it.

Gillian x

P.s. Our big day was featured over on One Fab Day and you can check it out here.

P.s.s. There was a thunderstorm the morning of our Summer (June) wedding. It was epic. A sizeable tree fell in the garden it was so bad. Its funny I remember it all happening and just being a bit oblivious at the same time. It doesn’t matter what the weather is like on your wedding day, you’ll bounce along in your happy bubble! We were lucky to get a little sunshine in that afternoon!GA-786GA-838

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