And we’re back…back with a bang!

Yes, as much as I hate to admit it, that time of year has come. A familiar coolness in the air, the leaves have lost their vibrant summer green hue, beaches feeling a little lonely for school children, brand spanking new uniforms and books and the need for labels to start breeding like rabbits! It's a few short weeks really but they're so needed in life which requires so much structure and scheduling. I'll admit at the end it got a bit chaotic and had me asking the Tesco man what day it was. The freedom though, to be with the merry men and just wing it. That urgency taken out of the morning and the easy feeling of warm summer bedtimes pushed out a little into dusk. For an Irish summer, it was a pretty decent one, we're all looking on the healthier side of a vitamin D deficiency. A little less pale and a little less pasty. Some days we did things and some days we did nothing. Both were needed. They all seemed to grow up a little more in those few weeks, faster than usual. Maybe it was the time together as brothers, learning from each other. They did their own things at times but every now and again they shared little moments of magic together. Teaching each other, playing and just being in each other's company. It was so lovely to watch.
I always feel a little nostalgic at this time of year. I hate letting go of that feeling of freedom and in reality only one of my 3 is back to school but for the other two it means slotting in around the routine of collections and homework.
We kept fairly simple this summer and in between weddings, a stag and chickenpox, we managed to slip away to Dingle for a few nights. A double buggy, 2 travel cots, all the usual necessary and unnecessary items and of course everywhere we went we had the joy of asking for 2highchairs….but we didn't get kicked out of anywhere which was impressive.

Anyway, our time away has reminded me that it's really just about being there and spending the time with the merry men. Trying to be present and in the moment. It's not always easy, especially when everyday life is so so busy and our minds are on overdrive. It's nice going places and doing things but I think it's just the being there and being present that counts really (even if it's for short bursts in between coffee refuelling, dinner making, nappy changing, people dressing etc👍🏻)…

I hope lots of people got to spend time with their little ones this summer. Here's hoping your sun cream bottle is now sand encrusted, that your feet are like a chess board of tan lines, that your thoughts are full of memories of time together and that youre not too tired but happy after the holidays. As of now, I can safely say ..we're back, back with a bang!

Multicoloured jumpsuit…Moobles and Toobles
Images are my own.

2 thoughts on “And we’re back…back with a bang!

  1. Hi Gillian,
    Katharina here- Emilia’s (Theo’s classmate) mum- we strolled through Fota Zoo together, I think early July. Just to say that I somehow discovered your blog, I think through someone we know in common on Facebook. Anyways, don’t want to stay anonymous, but wanted to say that I really enjoy your observations- both your visual and textual ones…!!! Very inspiring, reflective and thoughtful! See you around. Katharina

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