About bloggin’ time too..

I’m going to be pretty honest here. The first sentence of this post took me about 4 minutes to write, and the post itself took about 2 weeks to publish, which is quite the success story really seeing as this blog has existed (malnourished but alive) for 4 years without a single post. Nada. Zilch. Zero. Feck all. Nothin’!

Best described I think as that jittery, pre-party feeling. You know the kind of party, the one you get your knickers in a twist over, spend hours overhauling yourself to perfection and picking out said knickers and then you end up arriving really late because you were obsessing over the smaller details of your panty line. Just get to the damn party and have fun. *slow clap for gillybeangirl and welcome to the party* 

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Look, it’s not going to be all about parties and knickers but I do hope to keep it just as lively. Although, I do love a good party and grand pair of knickers, so you never know I s’pose.

Processed with VSCO with b5 presetSo Gillybeangirl eh?  To start, I am a mother to three boy-sized men and wife to one man-sized boy. They are my very boyish band of Merry men and keep me well and truly grounded. Think industrial strength super glue or lead soles boots. I have been a stay at home mother since I left my job as a doctor 6 years ago and I’m still navigating my way, blindly at times. Other than being a mother and wife of merry men , I’m a girl with a camera and creative notions.


My interests are broad and so I’m going to keep my options open with what I bring to the table. What I do know is that I want the photographs to do most of the storytelling. With a visual focus and “me own Shtamp” (spellcheck is having a meltdown!), I want to talk about motherhood, lifestyle, fashion and anything creative. Fierce optimistic but that’s the goal! See, I told you, didn’t take long, creative notions!

Most of all, I want to connect with people. I’m a wife, sister, mama, daughter, friend just like anybody else and I’d love to connect with anyone who may have similar interests, so feel free to say “hi” on whatever platform you’re most familiar with. I love a good story and am hoping to share experiences with the world and it’s mother or even a few locals would be a good start. My blog is linked with my instagram and facebook accounts so here’s hoping my multitasking is up to speed ’cause lets face it, life is busy at the best of times!

So there you go now. I nearly missed the party but sure, I finally got my blog in gear. What happens now is anyones guess!

* c’mon now, genuine faster clap for gillybeangirl*

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