The “her” in mother:  The Reset Button. 

I don’t know about anyone else but every so often I feel like there’s a reset button in life and sometimes it gets a grand slap. A nice serving of perspective with a side of gratitude and appreciation. The week before last we had a very in your face, up close and personal (with bodily fluids) type bug pay an extremely unwelcome visit. We got through it but at the time it was pretty rough and there no sense of dignity to be found. Not even a smidgin. Anywhere. Dignity abandoned us. High and dry.

Anyway, in the grand scheme of things it was just a little blip but the reset was pushed and it made me  just stop and appreciate how lucky we are when our kids are healthy. That inate instinct to protect them is not one you can switch off and it goes into overdrive when they’re unwell. That lioness instinct to protect them no matter what. It can be exhausting but somehow we manage to dig deep and push through. After a bout of illness, the relief of seeing them up and about again, going about their  little business, is such a relief. And it’s only a matters of time before they’re back to wrecking the gaff! 

This gallery is dedicated to those little moments of magic in their everyday play, that I sometimes take for granted. 

Gillian….(still stuck under the resulting laundry mountain that is always a certainty after previously mentioned bug’s visit.) x

“People spend a lifetime looking for more, when they could have spent a lifetime enjoying what life has offered”.


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